ignyte is a self-service content monetization solution for influencers and platform for advertisers to reach millennials and gen z across all social media platforms.
ignyte is for everyone in modern society: who wants to monetize his/her content, advertise and follow. Content monetization solution provided by ignyte is unique in the market and serves as an enormous help for growing influencers. Lots of features let the followers be in track of the necessary content and money/prize earning/winning. Advertisers are allowed to access a mostly untapped reach of micro-influencers by providing an ad network that captivates audience attention on multiple social media platforms cost-efficiently.
The private pilot runs released in early March 2019. After the successful experience and comprehension of the product potential, we developed it according to the gathered information and offers from the actual audience. subsidiary of Asora Inc, based in California, US. The development team members are social media influencers and software engineers who worked in Apple, FB, Amazon.
New regulations regarding data privacy called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in Europe on May 25, 2018. We don’t sell Your data to others, and we’re not part of any family of companies. ignyte only keeps the information it needs to function as a safe platform for its users' interaction. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information.
We do provide the premium secure world-class service for all the procedures in our platform, including the financial operations. There are no reasons to worry about the actions with internal balance and withdrawal, and everything is under strict control to be executed.


Click on three dots on top right corner on the homepage and go to "Settings" Fill in the necessary fields Click on "Save" button to save the settings
Click on three dots on top right corner on the homepage and go to "Settings" Scroll down and fill in the mandatory fields : a)Your current password b)Your new password c)Your new password to confirm Click on "Reset" button to save Your changes
Click on "Forgot password" in Log in page Enter Your e-mail that U've used to sign up on ignyte Press on "Next" to proceed Check Your e-mail and enter the confirmation code to the appeared field Enter Your new password twice Click on "Confirm" to save Your changes
iil - ignyte influencer link. This is the influencer's unique link,which leads the followers to the influencer's page. There,follower can donate,support,book a video-chat,participate in giveaways and go to the influencer's other links.
The iil is given to the influencer right after the registration. It is always shown infra the avatar and username on the homepage.

1:1 Video calls

Go to "Meetings" tab of the dashboard and click on "Set video chat settings" Tick on the length of the meeting (15 mins/30 mins) that You want to be able to book and indicate the price Mark the weekdays and set the time (from X to Z) when You are available Click on "Save" button to save Your settings
Use the iil(influencer ignyte link) to get to the influencer's ignyte page. Click on "BOOK 1:1 VIDEO CHAT". In the step appeared, you can see the videochat rating on the top according to the previous experience with the influencer. Select the meeting duration (15 minutes or 30 minutes), choose the available day in calendar and time. Click on the next button to go to the next page, where You should fill in the required fields your full name, email(for further instructions), and some note. The next stage is the payment, fill in Your card details and click on "BOOK A MEETING" to finish the booking. NOTICE! You should take a screenshot of the last page with the meeting details and Ticket number. Read the instructions there and check Your email for further steps. If, for some reason, that won't happen, You can reschedule the video chat using the ticket number for ten days after You get the email about rescheduling. To do this, enter the ticket number in the field at the bottom after You select the available day and time while booking.


Set up your PayPal account.


Go to Engage tab of the dashboard and click on "Run giveaway" Set Your giveaway title,description and the amount of the required sparks to participate, put the reward image and the deadline /or You can also tick on participates maximum to indicate the max number of participants (in this case the giveaway winner will be announced automatically when the max number of participants is reached regardless the deadline)